Is DMZ for You?

Looking to switch up your stack? Want to know more about DMZ?  Well keep reading, you’ve come to the right place.

DMZ, or its chemical name, 17beta-hydroxy 2alpha,17beta-dimethyl 5alpha-androstan 3-on azine is a fairly popular prohormone. While it is dimethylated (dy=2) it can be harsher on your liver than a singularly methylated prohormone. DMZ is actually two Superdrol molecules bonded by a nitrogen molecule. Because of this Superdrol is a stronger compound but the side effects of DMZ can be more easily managed.

While dymethazine is dymethylated it can cause significant stress on your liver. Proper monitoring of your liver levels is recommended. Users have also reported side effects typical of prohormones; lethargy, cramps, back pumps, headaches, and acne. (Most of the cramps are in the back and calves so DMZ might not be the best if you like to run) You should drink a lot of water while on DMZ, close to a gallon a day to help with the cramps and feed the muscles. In some, natural testosterone levels have decreased along with libido and testicular atrophy. The last can be a typical of any prohormone as your body slows its own production of the hormones you are supplementing. These results went away in 2 weeks with the help of a Post Cycle Therapy. Aggression, altered cholesterol levels and blood pressure spikes have been reported.

Another question to consider when taking DMZ is the quality of muscle you will be putting on. Most gains are of intracellular water retention. Water is going into the muscles; but this isn’t the subcutaneous water retention that can cause bloating. This will give your muscles a hard, lean look. Unfortunately when the cycle is over the water in the cells will most likely purge and your gains could decrease. A lot of users are fine with this since they can pack on 20 pounds, lose 10 and have a net gain of 10 pounds of real muscle.(Not bad for 4 weeks) So you may put on some water weight, a possibility that may or may not be important to you. Other users have kept about 80% of their gains, a result that can be aided by a good Post Cycle Therapy.

Now for the good: one user of DMZ-15 had reported putting on 15 pounds in 2 weeks! That should give you some insight to the potency of this prohormone. Another gained 15 pounds in 4 weeks while on Super DMZ 2.0. DMZ can definitely help you get harder muscles while improving your strength and decreasing body fat. DMZ is a “dry” hormone and cannot convert to estrogen.

DMZ is popular and a lot of lifters like the gains they get with it. It can be harsh on your liver so caution should be taken. It can get you the full, lean, hard look you are after but some of those gains may be lost. I don’t doubt that it will help you put on muscle fast the only question may be how much of those pounds are high quality muscle. Some users have reported no side effects during their cycle other than big strength increases. If concerned about potential side effects I would probably recommend epistane or halodrol. The info out there seems to be pretty mixed so I recommend doing your research and thinking about your choice.

Methylzine (DMZ) by ASN 90 caps

Methylzine (DMZ) by ASN 90 capsMethylzine (DMZ) by ASN 90 caps


Are you ready to unlock muscle strength, vascularity and cell swelling pumps? Methylzine is the next generation of anabolic muscle growth. Gains from Methylzine will all be dry, lean, and jaw dropping muscle fullness. Zero water retention allows the true muscle gains to be seen.

Methylzine contains the first compound that is liver, mood, estrogen, and libido friendly.

- Zero Water Retention

- Increased Muscle Strength

- Increased Vascularity

- Lean, Dry, Full Muscle


17beta-hydroxy 2alpha,17, beta-dimethyl 5alpha, -androstan3-1-azine — 10mg

Super-DMZ Rx by IronMagLabs

Super-DMZ Rx by IronMagLabsSuper-DMZ Rx by IronMagLabs

Super-DMZ Rx™ is a newly formulated anabolic “Hardening Stack” engineered and designed to increase, sustain, and strengthen muscularity via multiple pathways. Super-DMZ Rx™ incorporates a combination of two synergistic compounds that target multiple receptor sites resulting in dry gains, harder/leaner muscle, and increased vascularity from one workout to the next. The Pro-Anabolic Super-DMZ Rx™ (aka Suprdrol~Dymethazine) contains the compounds Suprdrol and Dymethazine. These are two of the most powerful legal compounds available on the market today bar none. Do not confuse other Suprdrol~Dymethazine knock offs (clones) with Super-DMZ Rx™, they are not the same compounds! Super-DMZ Rx™ will increase lean muscle mass and strength at a level that is comparable to popular anabolic steroids such as Dianabol and Anadrol.Features:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Suprdrol Dymethazine
  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increases Strength & Power
  • Helps with Cutting (getting lean)
  • No Bloating or Water Retention


The prohormone Super-DMZ Rx (aka Suprdrol Dymethazine) contains the compounds 2a, 17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one,17b-ol (Suprdrol) and 17beta-hydroxy 2alpha,17beta-dimethyl 5alpha-androstan 3-one azine (Dymethazine)
. This is one of the most powerful legal compounds available on the market today bar none. Do not confuse other Suprdrol knock offs with Super-DMZ Rx, they are not the same compound! Use of this product will increase lean muscle mass and strength at a level that is comparable to popular anabolic steroids such as Dianabol.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings: 60

2a 17a -dimethyl 17a hydroxy, 5a etiocholan 3-one – 10 mg
2a 17a -dimethyl-5a androstan, 17b-ol 3, 3-azine – 15 mg

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to 2 (2) capsules in divided doses per day, with food.
Use in cycles of 4 to 6 weeks taking at least 4-6 weeks off in between cycles.


Do not exceed the recommended dose or duration. This product should only be used by healthy adults at least 21 years old. Do no use if you are at risk of, or being treated for diabetes, liver problems or high blood pressure. Do not drink alcohol while using this product. Advanced Cycle Support Rx should always be used along with Super DMZ Rx. Consult your health care professional before using any dietary supplements.

Phorce 60 caps by Phantom Labs

Phantom Labs PhorcePhantom Labs Phorce – Prohormone Stack

Phantom Labs introduces the perfect stack to any bodybuilders arsenal. This powerful blend of compounds contains 2 key components:

• 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10) dien-17-one MAX LMG
• 17b-hydroxy-2a,17-dimethyl-5a-androstan-3-one azine DMZ

Phantom Labs Phorce is comprised of TWO potent, anabolism-inducing compounds; both novel, bioavailable constituents synergistically combined to elicit a rapid accumulation of muscle mass and strength. These attributes make it a favorite for strength and power athletes of all types. Users report rapid gains in strength and muscle size with little to no estrogen conversion.

DMZ-1 from Generation X Labs

DMZ-1 from Generation X LabDMZ-1 from Generation X Lab

DMZ-1 from Generation X Labs is your new legal non FDA approved supplement complex that is your key to unlocking your genetic potential. If you liked Spawn or Jacked, then wait until you get a load of new DMZ-1. DMZ-1 conatins the first compound that is liver, mood change, estrogen, and libido friendly.Highlights of DMZ-1 Include: Zero Water Retention Increased Muscle Strength Increased Vascularity Lean, Dry, Full Muscle BelliesDMZ-1 may not be anywhere near as suppressive as pass Pro Homones on the market and is not currently on any banned list. For a intense cycles use Sterolabol with DMZ-1 and Xabol for post cycle therapy (PCT).


Serving Size: 1 Capsule Servings Per Container: 90 17beta-hydroxy 2alpha,17, beta-dimethyl 5alpha, -androstan3-on azine — 10mg Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule three times daily. DO NOT exceed 4 capsules in a 24 hour period. DO NOT take for more than 6 weeks.