1) What is Dymethazine?
Dymethazine is a designer anabolic that uses ?Azine Bond Technology.?
It?s a complex molecular structure that is unlike everything else on the market. This compound has been clinically proven to have the same or greater muscle building effects than Testosterone propionate, winstrol, and anadrol. Its great for anyone who is looking to take the next step in developing a muscular, lean physique.

2) What does it do, what can I expect?
It?s a strong compound that will give you huge gains in size, strength and muscle fullness. You can expect to gain from 10-20 pounds in a cycle of Dymethazine, as well as make dramatic gains in strength from week to week. In addition, the extra glycogen storage will cause a rapid ?cell swelling? effect that will give you that full, hard look and awesome pumps.

3) Whats the best way to take Dymethazine?
Dymethazine should be cycled for 4-6 weeks. Most users should start with 2 caps spread throughout the day, preferably preworkout and another 6-8 hours later. Advanced users can go up to 3 caps per day, spread throughout the morning, preworkout, and evening.

4) Are there any side effects?
Because of its Azine bond technology, the side effects of Dymethazine are greatly reduced compared to other anabolics. Liver values have been clinically shown to be negligible and the same goes for its effects on the HPT axis.

5) Do I need to do PCT when I use it?
PCT is recommended for this product. Use a product such as REVERSITOL to make sure that you keep all of the gains you make on your cycle.

6) Do I need to take support supplements?
No. Support supplements are not needed. They can be added if someone chooses to, but in our opinion it is not needed.

7) Can I keep taking my other supplements?
Yes! Keep taking your protein, Creatine, preworkout, and any other supplements you are taking. Anything that can help you in the gym or with recovery you should definitely keep taking it. However, we do suggest that you not use other hormonal products with Dymethazine, as it will be potent enough for most users.

8) Any tips on how to get the most out of my cycle?
EAT! Dymethazine allows you to greatly increase protein synthesis and glycogen storage. That means the more protein and clean carbs you eat the more muscle you will grow! And train hard. The strength gains you can make with Dymethazine are incredible, train hard and make the most of your workouts!

What is Azine Bond Technology?
Azine Bond Technology is what makes Dymethazine unique. It is a bond that links the 2 molecules of Dymethazine together. This azine bond creates a ?time release? effect. Because of the time release the liver is spared much of the damage that normal methylation creates. Clinical studies have shown that Dymethazine has little to no effect on liver enzymes.

The azine bond also decreases the chances of ? HPTA shutdown.? If your bodies natural testosterone production is shut down it can impact your gains, mood, and libido both on your cycle and during PCT.
Azine Bond technology allows users to run cycles of up to 6 weeks. This is because of the reduced liver toxicity and mild impact on the HPTA. Because of the Azine bond, the 2 molecules of Dymethazine are metabolized seperately. In conjuction with staggered daily dosing, the result is much more stable blood levels of the active hormones